Molly - A case of not enough blood.


by Helen Stephens Helen Stephens
This is Molly. Molly is a 2 year old cat and a memorable case that comes along only once in a while.
 Molly had been a bit off colour so her owner brought her in to see Helen. Helen examined Molly and thought her nose and gums looked a bit pale. Other than that she looked pretty normal. A blood test showed Molly had a very severe anaemia. Her red cell count was 5%, normal is at least 28%. A blood count of this level is almost incompatable with life. Molly urgently needed a blood transfusion. This is always a bit of a challenge with a cat as there is no blood bank available unlike with dogs. Her only chance was a find an owner willing to donate their cat's blood. Again a challenge as the donor cat needs sedating to give the blood. Molly was sent to our emergency service, at Milford, to be put on fluids in the overnight. A flurry of texts between the Hunters Lodge team and one of our friends, Emma, volunteered her cat as a donor. Being a vet nurse she even knew the blood type! Molly was in luck. Not only did Emma donate her cat, she stayed and helped with the case until 3am. Next morning Molly was feeling better with her new supercharged blood. She was eating and very slightly pinker. After lots of tests to diagnose the cause of Molly's anaemia we were left with a bone marrow disorder which would need a bone marrow aspirate to identify the disease. Molly was still too sick to sedate for this procedure so we treated her and monitored her blood count. Steadily over the last few weeks she has improved and her blood count in now almost normal. We are very hopeful of a full recovery but she will still need a lot of monitoring in the future. This has been a wonderful case to treat due to the response Molly has shown and also the fantastic teamwork that gave Molly the treatment she needed.

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