Operations and Dentistry


We have full operating facilities at each practice. Our vets are experienced in dealing with most surgical procedures. These would include routine neutering to more complicated soft tissue surgery and some orthopaedic procedures. For extremely challenging cases we have a surgery specialist, Jerry O'Riordan, who visits the Guildford practice once a week. 

Neutering is advised for health and behavioural reasons, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce wandering. There are a host of health benefits of neutering in males and females. Males are less likely to suffer from prostate problems as they get older. Females are less likely to get mammary tumours if they are neutered early. Spaying also prevents a common life threatening uterine condition called pyometra.
  • Dogs are castrated from 6-9 months of age, bitches are spayed from 6 months. If your bitch has already had a season the operation can be done either 3 weeks after the season has finished or from 16 weeks onwards after the season.  
  • Cats can be neutered from 6 months of age. 

- Dental problems are one of the most common complaints we see in the practice. We have full dental facilities in both practices to get your pet’s teeth and gums back in good health. A typical dental procedure involves your pet staying with us for the day. They are put onto a drip and given a general anaesthetic. Their teeth are then examined for tartar and gingivitis and each tooth given a score and written on a chart. The teeth are then probed at the gum line to check for any pocket or holes. All the teeth are then cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner. Once the teeth are clean any extractions that are necessary are performed. Extractions can vary a great deal in the amount of time taken. Canine and feline teeth have between one and four roots. Multiple rooted teeth can be difficult to remove and often require surgical extraction. This involves incising the gum and removing bone to extract the roots entirely. The gum is then sutured back in place. Once any extractions have been done the teeth are polished to make the surface smooth. The patient is seen back a week later to make sure all is well. You will then be given advice on how to look after your pet’s teeth.

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