We are a well equipped practice with all the latest equipment to investigate your pet's problem.

Blood Pressure Monitoring - High blood pressure is a common problem in elderly cats. Often the first sign of a problem is blindness and disorientation. Being able to monitor blood pressure levels enables us to treat the underlying conditions before they show any adverse signs. Blood pressure monitoring is available in nurses' clinics.   

In House Laboratory - Having a lab on the premises enables us to process blood and urine tests quickly and get you a result the same day.  

Radiography - Radiography is a very important tool in veterinary medicine. Not only is it useful for looking at bones but also inside the chest and abdomen. Radiographs can be taken with or without sedation depending on the area to be imaged and also the compliance of the patient. We are able to take and process x rays on site and report back to you the same day.  

Ultrasound - Ultrasound is also very important. This enables use to look in fine detail at the internal organs of a patient and also in real time. It is often used in conjunction with radiography to help build a picture of what is happening inside the patient. Images can be saved and e-mailed to referral practices. 

Video Endoscopy - Endoscopy is the use of a camera to access the patients lungs and gut by non invasive means.We have even been able to remove a kebab stick using endoscopy saving the patient a painful operation and recovery.

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