Pet Care Plan


Pet Care Plan

Being a responsible owner can be expensive. If an animal has annual vaccinations, monthly flea treatment and regular worming this can really add up. As parasites can also be a problem to people regular treatment is highly recommended. For this reason we have introduced the Pet Care Plan.

  This is a fantastic opportunity to give your pet the best care, spread the cost and also save a great deal of money at the same time. For a monthly fee your pet will receive their annual vaccinations and the best flea and worming treatment. They will receive a 6 monthly check up and an annual blood test to make sure they stay healthy. Also if your dog or cat is not chipped we'll include that in the plan. As a Pet Care Plan member you will also be eligible for 10% discounts on all treatments, medication and food.

The cost of the plans per month are:

Small Dog (up to 10kg) - £17.25

Medium Dog (10-25kg) - £18.75

Large Dog (25-40kg) - £20.75

Extra Large Dog (40-65kg) - £26.00

Giant Dog (65-80kg) - £31.00

Cat - £18.50

Rabbit- £10.50


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