When can my puppy start it’s vaccinations?


Puppies can be vaccinated from 7 weeks of age.  They will need two vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart.  They must not go out for a walk until one week after the second vaccination.  


How often does my puppy need worming?


Puppies can be wormed from 2 weeks of age.  By the time you receive your pup it should have had 3 doses of worming.  At the first vaccination we will give a treatment of Advocate that will protect against fleas and worms.  This should be given every month.  At 6 months of age the pup will then need treatment every 3 months for tapeworm. 


When can I start to socialise my pup?


The golden socialisation period for introducing your pup to new things is up until 14 weeks of age.  After this time anything new is more scary.  As soon as you get your pup introduce them to as many things as possible.  They can meet other dogs before they have completed the vaccination course as long as you know the other dog is also vaccinated.  Take your pup around to your friends house and introduce it to other people and especially children.  Also get them used to the car as soon as possible.

Most aggressive or nervous dogs behave in this way because they have not been well socialised as a puppy.



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