Nurse Clinics


Our nursing team is available to give advice in our nurse clinics.

Services offered include:

  • Weight clinics – Many cats and dogs we see in the practice are overweight. This has many adverse health implications. At Hunters Lodge we offer a free service whereby we will weigh your pet and give you the relevant dietary advice to ensure your pet loses weight in a sensible way.
  • Flea and worming advice - Parasites are a problem all year round. There are many different products on the market. We have the most effective flea and worming treatments available.
  • Claw clipping
  • Suture removal
  • Microchipping - This is an essential requirement when getting a pet. If your pet is lost we are able to check for a chip and get you reunited as soon as possible. Puppies and kittens are usually chipped at second vaccination.
  • Dental checks - Our nurses are trained to look for dental disease and other oral problems. They can give advice on brushing and maintenance after a dental procedure has been done.
  • General health care advice - Our nurses are always available to help with any questions you may have.

The nurse clinics are free of charge with the exception of microchipping and claw clipping.

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