Hollie and the Football


by Helen Stephens Helen Stephens
This is Hollie. She came to see Una after she had been unwell for a few days. Una decided to admit Hollie for some radiographs to see what was going on inside her abdomen.
The radiographs showed Hollie had a massive tumour which was the size of a football. An ultrasound showed that this was a tumour of her spleen. The only treatment was to remove the spleen straight away before it had a chance to rupture. Una and Grant removed the tumour which weighed a wopping 3kg and was almost a foot in diameter. They had quite a bit of trouble removing it due it's size and it was on the point of rupture at the time of the surgery. A few more days and Hollie could have been too ill to operate. Hollie recovered well from her surgery and then we had an anxious wait for the biopsy results as splenic tumours are often malignant. We are thrilled to report that the tumour was benign and Hollie is now completely recovered from her operation. Well done Hollie you are a superstar xx

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