by Helen Stephens Helen Stephens
Alfie's story is a bit of an epic. Alfie had a history of being sick quite a lot. After a food trial with some improvement, the vomiting became worse again.
Grant decided Alfie needed endoscopy to take a look inside his stomach. He found a large triangular lesion which looked angry and inflamed so biopsies were taken. We were hoping for a diagnosis of a gastric ulcer but unfortunately it was a tumour. Alfie needed surgery. Aletheia assisted Grant with this difficult operation. Alfie's tumour was the size of an orange attached to the outside of his stomach. Grant had to remove a large portion of his stomach to ensure the tumour was all gone. Over the next few days Alfie continued to regurgitate so a follow up surgery was required to make the opening into Alfie's stomach larger. A stomach tube and oesophageal tube was put in place. Alfie would be fed through the stomach tube to bypass the top of his stomach. Would this sort out the problem? With a bit more time and a lot more nursing Alfie started to keep his food down. Day by day he improved and became stronger. The lab results showed as far as they could tell the tumour was all gone. We will still keep our fingers crossed as this tumour can return in other places. For the moment Alfie is doing incredibly well. Today his tube was removed which will come as great relief for Alfie and his dedicated owners. He's happy and enjoying his food again. Very important when you're a dog.

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