Lexi Discovers a Taste for Ibuprofen


by Helen Stephens Helen Stephens
This is lovely Lexi. She is a 1 year old Japanese Spitz cross. She came in to see us last week after scoffing a strip of Ibuprofen tablets.

Unfortunately her owners did not know exactly how many she had eaten.  She brought them back up within an hour so her owners breathed a sigh of relief and thought she would be fine.  The next day Lexi looked a bit sorry for herself.  She was sick a few times and not keen on her food.  Her owners thought she would get better, but Lexi had other ideas and did not pick up at all.  She started to drink a lot of water too.  Her owner brought her to see Helen concerned that she was not doing very well.  Helen examined Lexi and although she was still bright and had a waggy tail Helen was worried as there was an odd smell to Lexi’s breath.  Lexi was admitted for blood tests and we found that her kidneys and liver were failing.  She was put onto a drip and given lots of supportive medication.  Only time would tell if Lexi’s organs could recover.  It could already be too late for her. The next day Lexi was no longer vomiting and eating her food.  Grant took some more blood to see if things were any better.  Fortunately her blood results were much improved which was a great sign.  The real test would be another blood test after Lexi had come off the drip.  We saw Lexi today and are pleased to report that her kidneys are normal and her liver is also recovering.  She is much brighter, eating well and most of her bounce has returned. 

As humans we take Ibuprofen at the drop of a hat for any little ache and pain.  It is hard to appreciate how toxic this medication can be to dogs as we use them so freely on ourselves.  If your pet steals any type of medication always call us straight away for advice.  It is always better to see us immediately and treat the pet before any signs develop.  Lexi was lucky as her owners did bring her in, but if she had been left any longer the story would have been very different.

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