by Helen Stephens Helen Stephens
Ginger is a lovely young ginger male cat. He came in to see us after he had started limping on his back right leg. He was still very happy and walking on this leg but he just looked a bit stiff and lame. He was eating well and still happy going out and about.

After a short course of painkillers Ginger had improved but he was still a bit stiff.  We decided to take some radiographs.  Look at the first x ray to see what we found. 

Ginger had suffered a nasty fracture to his right hip. There were several treatment options for him. We decided the best option for Ginger was an operation to pin the head of the femur back onto the femoral neck.  This was going to be a complicated operation as the bones and pins used are so small.   Grant was the man for the job and after a few hours in theatre he had managed to get Ginger’s bones back into alignment.

We are pleased to report Ginger is now doing well.  He is currently under house arrest to give the bones the best chance of healing.  We will see him back in a few weeks for a final radiograph to make sure everything is OK before he is allowed back outside. Well done Ginger….and Grant!

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