Goats: General Advice


Goats are intelligent friendly and inquisitive animals each with a distinctive personality.

The practice has considerable experience in all aspects of goat keeping, experience that is at your disposal. For pet goats we can advise on purchasing, general husbandry and disease and parasite control. We can supply many medications in small quantities so that you do not have to purchase a bulk pack to treat 1 or 2 individuals. In spring, we disbud many kids usually between 3 and 5 days old.

Goats have very poor immune systems. They require vaccination against several Clostridial diseases that are ubiquitous in the environment. Rather than the 8 in 1 vaccines that are available for sheep, we recommend the 4 in 1 “Lambivac™” which covers the diseases that goats are susceptible to. In recent years vaccination against bluetongue is also recommended. Treatment against worms is also important. Again unlike sheep adult goats do not develop any tolerance or resistance to these, and so regular routine worming is needed for goats that have access to pasture. The common problems we see in goats include footrot, overgrown feet, lice and mange, difficulties in kidding and poisonous plants - particularly rhododendron.

Further resources

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  • Goat Health and Welfare - a Veterinary Guide - Harwood
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  • Thear The Smallholders Manual
  • Surrey Goat Club  Mrs R Goodwin, Southside Cottage, Brook Hill, Albury, Nr Guildford, Surrey, GU5 9DJ.


This information is provided for information purposes to our registered clients. It is the individual opinion of veterinary surgeons within the practice. It should not be relied upon as an alternative to a clinical examination and diagnosis by a veterinary surgeon. If in any doubt please contact the practice for further advice.

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